Muscari, a.k.a. “grape hyacinth”

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They may speak softly, but they carry a BIG stick!  Although super dainty and petite, (their stem length tops out at 10″-12″, seriously) muscari’s unique, fairy-like appearance make them an impressive, not-to-be-overlooked, springtime sweetheart…they truly are the little flower that could!  Muscari bulbs are planted in sandy soil. Once their sprouts hit the soil’s surface, they take delight in full sunlight, reaching as far as their little selves possibly can until cut for us lucky fleuristes.  Though periwinkle is the most common color for cultivated muscari, I often find them in white and also in a saturated purple. I prefer arranging these sassy little darlings in small, eclectic styles of  Mercury glass bud vases or silver julep cups.  Sometimes a hint of fresh green moss at the top of the vase really feeds their egos.


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Aaahhh, spring…when it has sprung, these delightful blooms are singing right alongside the sweet songbirds whose music fills the air with happiness.  Ranunculus are a local favorite here in San Diego.  We are blessed every spring to see them growing just east of the I-5 freeway at the Carlsbad Flower Fields…a hillside rainbow of cheery colors such as plummy-violet, red, hot pink, bubble gum pink, coral-orange, peach, yellow and white.  There are also novelty varieties that have bi-coloration, very yummy!  Riddled with ruffles, the petals of ranunculus create a very feminine look when added to hand tied wedding bouquets.  I prefer theses little darlings to be the focus with little other floral textues present, and, go figure…a la mode d’ Adrianne,  in a rustic container.

lemon yellow & school bus yellow ranunculus teamed up with crespedia (aka "Billy Balls") and scented geranium.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

sweet peas

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What’s not to love about sweet peas?  So ruffly, feminine and filled with the most delightful fragrance – aaahhh.  When I was a little lassie, sweet pea seeds were given to me by my mother…it was the first flower I ever grew.  Watching them trellis up our garden fence filled my little 6 year old heart with the giddiness and anticipation of Christmas, seriously.  A spring and early summer flower, they come in beautiful colors:  purple, lavender, red, watermelon pink, light pink and white.  They are a lovely touch to hand-tied bouquets and old fashioned vintage themed events.  Get to know them, cuz they’re pretty sweet!

craspedia billy balls

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craspedia, billyballs, billy balls, yellow spring and summer flowers
photo: Delphine

Craspedia, commonly known as Billy Balls, are a whimsical touch to rustic garden style wedding bouquets as well as for modern inspired events. Billy Balls come only in sunshine yellow. They dry well and are available for spring and summer arrangements.

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