Some things just come naturally, kind of like peas and carrots.
For myself, achieving degrees in both studio art and interior design actually had an “organic” result.

Art and design led me smack into the beautiful world of flowers;
flowers being the perfect artist’s medium for someone who enjoys creating harmony and intrigue in a three-dimensional environment. Part of my educational background included extensive studies of art and architectural histories. These are an asset now that I am often called upon to design in a way that supports and recognizes a venue’s period style and essence. The end result, and my aesthetic goal, is grace and sophisticated restraint.

I grew up in the Santa Ynez Valley,
horse and wine country just north of Santa Barbara. Silhouettes of giant oaks upon rolling hills, the smells of fresh-cut hay and grape harvests, the dry dustiness of stables and barnyards, springtime’s purple lupines and yellow mustard flowers…my favorite, and not to be overlooked, the unforgettable dusk light illuminating the local mountains are among my cherished memories. These are but a handful of details that truly make me, well – “me”. As a floral designer, I am always looking for that raw sensory experience that lies within…something that triggers a response, and ultimately, a lasting and nostalgic impression.

My floral design business resides in sunny San Diego
where, thankfully, that big blue ocean reminds me daily that open space exists, freeing the mind to create and levitate from the ordinary.